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Ningbo Safety Clothing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.,

Ningbo Safety Clothing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., mainly produces safety protection trinkets, such as reflective armband (LED armband), reflective waist band, reflective stickers, reflective pendants, bicycling safety series, jogging safety series.

Jiangxi Xinsi Garment Co., Ltd.,

Jiangxi Xinsi Garment Co., Ltd., covers an area of 340,000(including other industries). The factory specializes in the production of safety protection products, such as safety vests, reflective garment, reflective cap, safety cover, etc. Safety vests and reflective products have an annual turnover of about 60 million RMB

Mianyi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,

The company continued to invest in Yangon, Myanmar, established a new factory, Mianyi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, to produce reflective vests and reflective garments as well as some regular clothing such as raincoats, down jackets, jackets, etc in 2016. At present, the Myanmar factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, with 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of about 230 million RMB. The low labor costs, import-free tariff policy for textile exports to EU countries and convenient shipping condition in Myanmar, help the company to further open the European market and increase its visibility

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