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◎Fabric: Knitted or oxford fabric

◎Reflective material: High reflective tape,class 2 or high reflective heat transfer film

◎Color: Any color as required .

◎Size: S-5XL

◎Packing: Polybag

◎Logo: We can print different logo on the vest as required

(screen print, reflective print, high reflective transfer film ,color paper transfer print and so on]

◎Remark: According to market requirements,the knitted fabric can be 80- 120g,the oxford fabric can be 150D-300D.

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Product Details

◎Type: Outdoor reflective product

◎Color: Yellow or orange and other colors as required

◎Fabric: Knitted fabric or oxford fabric (water- proof]

◎Reflective Material: High reflective fabric or high reflective transfer film.

◎Size: As required

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