How to clean and store reflective vests and safety vests!

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For workers in high-risk occupations, wearing a reflective vest is a must-have on the road. Reflective vests are always a test because they always appear on rainy days. Do you know how to help extend it?

Reflective vest coated fabric is a fabric treated with a special process, with two or even multiple layers. Reflective vests are not recommended to be machine washed. Machine washing will destroy the waterproof coating on the surface and affect the waterproof effect; it is recommended to wash by hand. The cleaning water temperature does not exceed 40°C. You can use a neutral detergent to clean it. Use a soft brush (do not use a sharp brush) to gently scrub the stains. Rub the reflective strips vigorously, rinse them with clean water in time, and hang them in a cool place to dry.

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