What are the colors of reflective vests and vests? What do the different colors mean?

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Our common colors for reflective vests are fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, red, blue, etc. What do these colors mean? Today we will introduce the meanings of different colors of reflective vests. ? Yellow means team leaders; orange means safety supervision; red means security inspectors; blue means technicians; specific industries are different, and the colors for different types of work will also be different. Our Li'an reflective clothing can customize reflective vests with different styles, different colors, different sizes, different fabrics, and different printing contents according to customer needs.

The feature of the reflective vest is made of high-visibility reflective material, which can be adjusted in size. Wearing reflective clothing can give you a good safety warning in bad weather or poor light, reminding the driver of the vehicle or others who are on the same road with you. Personnel, thereby avoiding casualties. With waterproof function, it plays a good role in warning and reflection.

   Now that people’s awareness of safety protection and reflective vests are becoming more and more popular today, what we want is not only a reflective vest, but a high-quality, high-efficiency, and cost-effective high-quality reflective vest.

Let the reflective vest is no longer a form, a burden, but a real life-saving magic weapon.

   Product use: When traveling at night, car lights and other light sources shine on the reflective vest. The reflective strips can form light reflections to remind the car driver to avoid life-threatening traffic accidents in a dark environment where the driver can’t see clearly.

   At night, if you walk on the road in dark clothes, it is difficult to be distinguished, and accidents are extremely likely to occur.

  Applicable to road officials, traffic directors, road maintenance personnel, motorcyclists and bicycle drivers, workers in low light, etc., where workers need to be warned with light.

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